See a DVD come together

Have you ever wondered how the QC DVDs are put together? Well we thought we would show you behind the scenes. This is behind the scenes of our upcoming Great Australian Quilts #5 DVD with Amanda Daly. We had a fabulous time filming with Amanda and learning the art of precision machine applique.

We film all DVDs at purpose built studios. At present there are two locations we use in Sydney. These studios are sound proof so we don’t get any interference with sounds of day to day activities when we are filming. You would be amazed that even in quiet surroundings there is still plenty of ambient noise and the super sensitive microphones we use pick up all of it!

So this is what the studio looks like when we arrive.


Then we start putting the set together . . .


And then we surround it with lights and cameras! (Well John does! – our director, cameraman, film editor extraordinaire!)


Once hair and makeup are complete Amanda and Clare are on set to start filming.

amandadalyshoot1 amandadalyshoot2 amandadalyshoot3 amandadalyshoot4


Great Australian Quilts #5 is on sale 9 October at newsagents and patchwork shops nationally.