Crafty pursuits of a different nature

Every now and then we quilters have to put our creative talents to uses other than quilting. My most recent task has been to create a birthday cake for my son’s third birthday inspired by the Despicable Me movies. So here is my interpretation of a minion. Most importantly, the little boy in question LOVED his cake and thinks it would be most suitable also for his grandfather’s 70th birthday coming up next month. I’m not sure Grandad will agree . . . Clare

IMG_2244 IMG_2245


Deadline day

Sitting here flat chat on the computer on deadline day for Modern Quilts #2 and I was disturbed by a great kerfuffle outside. I went out to discover a local wild duck had become confused by the glass balustrade and trapped on the back deck. After five minutes trying to herd her out into the open I finally caught her. No duck a l’orange though tonight, she is safely back with her mates and we are both recovering from the excitement. Clare